Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gajar Halwa/ Carrot Halwa

6-7 fresh carrots
1 litre milk
3 cups sugar
7-8 raisins and cashews
3 tsp almond crushed
2 tsp pista crushed
2 elaichi/cardamom powdered
3 tsp ghee

Wash pat dry carrots and grate them.
Heat milk in a deep heavy bottom vessel and add carrot and stir occasionally.
Add ghee in between to enhance the taste and richness of the halwa.
Once the milk is absorbed add sugar, slightly crushed pista and almond, raisins and cashews.
Now add powdered elaichi for the flavour.
When the milk is absorbed completely, halwa is ready.
Gajar halwa can be served hot or cool

Nestle's milkmaid can also be added to the halwa while cooking to enhance the taste.
Crushed pista and almond is not compulsory, only raisins and cashews can be added.

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