About Me

Hi I'm Nandini Mithun and Welcome to my food corner, a place for vegetarian recipes. I love cooking and believe for cooking you need passion, patience, mixed with the right ingredients and a dash of creativity.

My Mom
Is the main motivating factor and my inspiration to cook. I am amazed and awestruck by the way she cooks so perfectly every time. Chopping, cooking, cleaning and clearing the the sink, everything would happen simultaenously. End result would not only be a tasty food but also a clean kitchen. My mom always tells me its imporatant to cook good food, and its equally important to turn a bad food into a best one.

My Mother In Law
After marriage she was my other inspiration for cooking i can say. She cooks everything with ease and in no time. I have tried to learn her signature recipes, which ofcoursse doesnt taste as good as hers, but i keep trying :) My mom and my mother in law are the two wonderful ladies in my life who have silently inspired me a lot for cooking and learning new recipes.

My Husband
 He is my biggest critic who helps me to learn a lot. He welcomes my dishes in any form and never fails to give his feedback. Initial days of my marriage i struggled to prepare a tea, and my husband taught me how to prepare and he is a wonderful cook himself. I can never prepare a tasty vegetable rice like he does.

My various sources for cooking are relatives, friends, television shows and fellow bloggers.

This is my little corner dedicated to cooking. Most of my recipes might be adjusted according to the current lifestryle and trend and may not be the signature recipes, like usage of oats and flaxseed in recipes.
Go ahead and jump into the world of cooking and enjoy every bit of it, Learn Share and enjoy cooking

For queries, suggestions, opinions do write me at foreverfoodfantasy@gmail.com. Happy cooking

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