Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Onasadya ~ Onam Thali

I had prepared this simple Onasadya this year and it was in my draft folder for quite sometime, was busy posting other recipes, finally posting now. This was the first time i was preparing a Sadya and was little nervous, however all the dishes were excellent and also passed the 'My husband liked it very much' test. :)
Onasadya is a rich meal with variety of dishes served on a plaintain leaf. The Onasadya on a plantain leaf makes it more colourful and delicious. The most common ingredient in most of the dishes would be coconut and coconut milk, or coconut oil.
For my Onasadya starting from left hand corner i have prepared Green gram thoran,green peas roast, olan, semiya payasam, kerala style sambhar,rice, ghee, avial,pepper rasam, pappadam and curd.
Click on the below links to get the recipes.
Red Kidney Beans Raw Banana Puzukku ( this was also part of my onasadya)
Semiya Payasam ( follow the same method, towards the end add saffron to get a rich festive flavour for your payasam).
We enjoyed our Onasadya which was simple yet tasty.
My simple Pookalam.
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